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MHRA Return to Ringette- 2020-2021 Season

How will Medicine Hat Ringette Association run in the 2020/2021 season?

The Medicine Hat Ringette Association (MHRA) is following the guidelines set out by Ringette Alberta (RAB) and Alberta Health Services (AHS) to develop the best program possible for the 2020/2021 season.  It is the number one priority of the MHRA to keep the players and coaches healthy and safe in the upcoming season.  We’ve diligently developed this document to clarify as much as possible and we will strive to continue to update it in this fluid situation.

1.       Will practices be like normal?

The City of Medicine Hat will allow change rooms to be open to athletes.  At the completion of ice time the practicing team will exit the rink and go directly to their change room.  Once the hall is clear, there will be 15-20 minutes for sanitizing and cleaning the ice then the next team can enter the rink.  On-ice practice will focus on player development and fun!

2.       Can I watch my daughters’ practice?

Yes, the City of Medicine Hat is asking that only 1 spectator per player attend, note that each rink has a maximum capacity for spectators.  Physical distancing is required, and masks are suggested.

3.       Will they play games?

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has stated that cohort sport groups (mini leagues) can run provided they are in the same health zone.  For that reason, Medicine Hat Ringette has partnered with Lethbridge Ringette to form the Sunny South Zone League.  There will be games played with the teams in your daughters’ cohort.  The goal is to have two Lethbridge teams and two Medicine Hat teams per cohort.- RETRACTED SEPTEMBER 21ST, 2020, TEAMS WILL NOW PLAY IN THE CHINOOK LEAGUE WITH ZONES 2 AND 3.

4.       Do I have to travel?

Travelling with teams will be voluntary.  No travel is required in the Active Start and U10 division.  U12-Open will have games within their cohort and may occasionally go to Lethbridge. If you do not wish to travel, a substitute for your daughter will be affiliated from the other Medicine Hat team in that cohort.- RETRACTED- SEPTEMBER 21ST, 2020- TEAMS WILL NOW PLAY IN THE CHINOOK LEAGUE WITH ZONES 2 AND 3.

5.       Will there be tournaments?

Tournaments will not be permitted by Ringette Alberta in the 2020/2021 season.  However, the Sunny South League may attempt some jamborees (fun mini tournaments) for each cohort.

6.       What happens if the season is cancelled?

The Medicine Hat Ringette Association now offers a flexible monthly payment plan, members will no longer be charged if the season abruptly ends.  If you have paid in full then you would receive a prorated reimbursement.

7.       When is registration due?

August 31, 2020.  This will allow time for the league to begin planning the size of each cohort. Flexible monthly payment options are now available!

8.       When are evaluations?

We are hoping to start evaluations mid-September for U10-U19. U10-U12 evaluations will have skills and game assessment.  U14-U19 will have only game assessments this year.  Evaluations are only required in order to divide the players into equal teams in the 2020/2021 season. (RETRACTED BY THE MHRA EXECUTIVE SEPTEMBER 21, 2020- TEAMS WILL NOW BE TIERED WITHIN SOME DIVISIONS).  The MHRA intends for the evaluations to be low stress and will strive to have the players on teams with their friends to focus on player development and fun!

Active Start and Open divisions do not require evaluations.

9.       When will I know what team my daughter is on?

This may take a little longer this year as the MHRA is diligently following AHS and RAB guidelines.  Cohorts will hopefully be announced 10 business days after evaluations are completed and teams will be selected shortly after. Cohort will be formed based on player numbers, level of play from last season and evaluation data.  The goal is to create balanced teams within each cohort, there will be no tiering of any divisions.   (RETRACTED BY THE MHRA EXECUTIVE SEPTEMBER 21, 2020- TEAMS WILL NOW BE TIERED WITHIN SOME DIVISIONS). 

10.   When will practices start?

Active Start will begin Saturday, October 17, 2020.


11.   How many practices a week will there be?

Each team has a minimum 2 ice times every week. It is the MHRA’s goal to have one game/week for each team.  Schedules will be announced after the teams are formed. 

12.   Can I still apply to coach my daughter’s teams?

Yes! Please contact Loralee, Coaching Coordinator, It is likely there will only be two coaching positions maximum per team due to cohort size restrictions.


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Steep Rock has been a huge supporter of MHRA Coaching Development and we are so pleased to continue our relationship with them.   Our coaches were very fortunate last season to be equipped with Coaching Bags stocked with all the necessary Coaching Supplies, this was only possible with the support of Steep Rock! 

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