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Registration Guide

2019-2020 Season Registration

The Online Registration Form for the 2019-2020 Season will go live in the Spring (date to be announced).   


Each player is required to purchase 1 case of almonds each at the time of registration for a cost of $90.   The players can then in turn sell the 30 boxes for $3 each recouping the entire $90!    

Participants in the Active Start Program are not required to participate in the Almonds Fundraiser.  

Almond Pick Up Dates will be emailed out to Registered Players once these dates have been set.

Which Division Should I Register My Child In for the 2019-2020 Season?

Birth Year Age (as of December 31, 2019) Division
2015 Must be 4 by Sept 1, 2019 Active Start
2014(New Player/Skater) 5 Active Start
2013(New Player/Skater) 6 Active Start
2010-2014 5,6,7,8,9 U9/U10- TBD
2009, 2008 10, 11 U12
2007, 2006 12, 13 U14
2005, 2004 14, 15 U16
2003, 2002 16, 17 U19
2001 18 U19 or Open
2000 and older 19+ Open

If you are interested in playing on an Adult Open Team these teams are ran independently.



1.    PAY ONLINE IN FULL:  Submit total fees using your Credit Card  online upon conclusion of your online registration session.

2.    PAYMENT PLAN:  Fees are divided into instalments with the first instalment to be collected online upon conclusion of your online registration session.  The remaining balance will be automatically debited from the SAME Credit Card on two future dates.

3. PAY OFFLINE: Offline payments can be made in the form of E-Transfer or Cheque. Cash is no loner accepted.  You must contact the Registrar to make offline payment arrangements.

Note:  All Registration Fees are due by September 1st, 2019.  Unregistered/Unpaid players will not be eligible to attend any ice sessions including evaluations until all Fees are fully paid. A $25.00 Fee will be charged for all NSF Cheques.  A $25.00 Administration Fee will be applied to any cancelled registrations.


Please note that our Volunteer Commitment Point System has changed for the upcoming 2019-2020 Season.

MHRA prides itself on keeping fees for our athletes as low as we possibly can while keeping the value for the athlete as high as we can.  We work to achieve this through:

  1. Making sure that we are efficient as possible
  2. Doing our best to utilize our resources effectively with a high reliance on volunteers
  3. Engaging sponsors where possible to support our sport
  4. Promoting and growing our sport within our community
  5. Setting up volunteer opportunities to raise funds to subsidize costs

We highly recommend just simply getting involved in your association in any way you can to provide a better experience for our athletes – this is a volunteer organization – there are no paid employees except for the referees J

Most of our volunteer opportunities can be directly linked the raising of funds that are applied directly to the MHRA’s offerings and opportunities that MHRA brings to our athletes. Again, keeping our costs down to one of the lowest in the province. 

The MHRA Board has approved a new Volunteer Commitments Points (VCP) system to be effective and efficient in managing the volunteer commitments. This system was approved at the January 21, 2019 MHRA Board meeting. This system will be in effect May 1, 2019 (for the 2019-20 season and beyond).  Our hope is that it provides flexibility for our busy member families and meets the needs of MHRA supporting the goal to keep your fees low amongst the lowest in the province.

DIBS is our volunteer management system that is web-based, easy to use and access.  When you register you will be given access to the system.  You can then immediately select the volunteer opportunities to complete your required Volunteer Commitments Points (VCP).   


Volunteer Commitments Points (VCP) that are required are as follows:

  • 10 points for every athlete registered(not including Active Start)

You will notice through the DIBS system that some opportunities are worth more points than others.  This is based on level of effort, difficulty level to fill, etc. as outlined on the VCP Points Matrix (board approved January 21, 2019).  You can pick the opportunities that works best for you to fulfill your Volunteer Commitments Points (VCP) for the season.  We highly recommend that you try to fulfill your VCP requirements as early as you can to provide the most flexibility for you and family.

When you register your first athlete you will need to provide a $400 volunteer cheque as bond. If you do not fulfill all of your required Volunteer Commitment Points (VCP) by April 30 of the playing season, the $400 volunteer cheque provided will be cashed.

As a last resort option, you may opt out of the Volunteer Commitment Points commitment by paying $400 upon registration (regardless of how many athletes you register).  In this case, you do not need to provide a volunteer cheque and you would not be required to complete your volunteer commitments; however we highly recommend that you get involved with MHRA to provide the best experience and environment for your athlete.


Please refer the Withdrawals & Refunds section of our Policies for more information.