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MHRA Goalie Program_2020-2021

The Medicine Hat Ringette Association values our goalies.  We want to provide as much training and support as possible to the individuals who stand on guard in net.  A yearly multi-day camp, 5-Count Ringette Goalie Instruction, is offered with instruction from professional goalie coaches, to help goalies hone their skills and develop their reflexes. All ringette players interested in playing goal are welcome at the training camps.

Mentoring for goalies is also a priority.  Older goaltenders will frequently meet with the younger aged netminders to share their knowledge and experience. The relationship with the older girls allows the next generation of goalies to ask questions and get support throughout the season.

COVID-19 Update: Due to current Alberta Health Services guidelines training camps and mentoring opportunities may be limited in the 2020/2021 season.

The MHRA understands that to be a goalie there are additional equipment costs, so they have implemented a Goalies Play Free program. For any goalie that plays ⅔ of the season in net they will receive a full reimbursement of fees at the end of the season to be used towards their equipment costs.

For more information on how your daughter can try out for a goalie position this year contact our Goaltending Development Co-ordinator,



MHRA has an annual award in honour of  former goal tender Bobi Buchholz.   Here is some information about Bobi's Ringette career with MHRA

2004-2005 and 2005-2006 Bunny (U9)

2006-2007 and 2007-2008 Novice (U10)

2008-2009 and 2009-2010 Petite B  (U12) both seasons  (started playing goal 2008 season)

2010-2011 and 20011-2012 U14B

2012-2013 U16B

2013-2014 U16A

Bobi Started playing ringette at the age 6.  She spent the first 4 years as a player and moved to goalie the beginning of her 5th season.

During her time as player Bobi always wore her favourite number 3, and was completely crushed when she became a goalie and the number wasn’t available in a big enough jersey for a goalie to wear.  She then had no choice but to start sporting the number 33.

It was during her second season as a goalie that Bobi showed up to practice wearing the only set of PINK goalie pads anyone had ever seen, as well as a Pink blocker.  It was from then on that it didn’t matter what it was but Bobi always had to play with something pink on.   Even after growing out of her pink pads it could have been tape, skate laces, headband, it didn’t matter but she was always wearing something pink.

Bobi’s love for the game, and even more so her passion for the position was so much bigger than her tiny little frame.  Bobi spent countless hours in the yard with her dad having him take shots on her.  Even her older sister got in on that action.  She would spend hours stretching her tiny little legs, just trying to get better at the darn “butterfly”. 

Accomplishments that stand out:  as a U16B goalie she was invited to be the back up goalie for the U16A team as they attended Western Canadian Ringette Championships.  Bobi was able to compete in the Goalie Skills competition and she won.  (The team went on to win westerns that year).

The following season as one of the goalies for the U16A team she helped her team to win provincials that year sending them to Western Canadian Ringette Championships.  Her team would finish 4th that year.

Awards Recipients:

2018 - Rheagyn Heinrichs (U14B Rogue)

2019- Sydney Carlson (U16A Mud Hens)

2020- Jena Harty (U16A Riptide)

Angela Lennie

Goalie Coordinator

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