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Active Start Program

2020-2021 Active Start Season Information

  • Certified coaches from Platinum Star Power will once again be running the Active Start Program.
  • Learn to skate and learn basic ringette skills.
  • The program is designed for new players/skaters aged 4-6 born in 2016, 205, 2014.  Please note that they must be 4 by September 1, 2020.
  • Ice times will be on Saturday's from 1:30-2:30pm at Kinplex 2.
  • Session 1 is 8 weeks and will begin Saturday October 17th, 2020 and run until Saturday December 5th.  (The Saturday of Thanksgiving is excluded)
  • Session 2 is also 8 weeks and will begin January 9th and run until March 6th, 2021.
  • Registration for both sessions is only $149!
  • Registration for Session 2 only is $99!
  • No volunteer commitments 
  • No travel required

Optimist Club Active Start Program

The Active Start (AS) program in MHRA will combine three of the programs as outlined by RAB.  Learn to Skate, Intro to Ringette and the actual Active Start programs.   AS will be a continuation of what was offered in the 2018-19 season with some small adjustments and improvements. The intent of the AS division is to offer an entry level program to Ringette for athletes ages 4 and up.    There are some guiding principles that will help us:

  • A fun, learn to skate/learn to play ringette program.
  • Athletes wear full ringette equipment.
  • Active Start on-ice session will be full ice.
  • Team atmosphere with hot pink team jersey to use for the season and a take home team hot pink shirt.
  • Parents are allowed and encouraged to go on ice (CSA approved helmet and skates required).
  • Regularly scheduled weekly consistent ice time and consistent location.
  • Led by certified skating instructors from Platinum Power Skating.
  • 16 sessions (8 prior to Xmas and 8 following Xmas)
    1. 8 sessions prior to Xmas will be primarily learn to skate and basic ringette skills.
    2. 8 sessions after Xmas will continue with the on-ice learn to skate and basic ringette skills with cross ice games offered for athletes using 1/3 of the ice (cross ice).  The athletes will rotate thru the cross ice game portion on each of the 8 ice times.  For example, an athlete would start the on-ice session by doing learn to skate drills on 2/3 of the ice, then move into a cross ice game on 1/3 of the ice for 15 minutes and then back to learn to pass the ring drills to finish the ice session. The cross ice game will be managed by experienced ringette coaches/junior coaches with hopes of mentoring parents who may be interested in coaching in the future. There will be a line painted (bingo marker) halfway on the cross ice that players must pass across – no need for goalies, but if goalie sticks are available they may wish to try it! The learn to skate portion will led by qualified instructors from Platinum Power Skating just as in 2018-19 season.
  • 2 x fun team parties (water sliding, crafts, etc.) with one held prior to Xmas and one at the end of the season. Parent(s) will coordinate.
  • Athletes can sign up all 16 session for $149 or the just the 8 sessions after Xmas for $99.
  • There is no travel required with the Active Start Program.
  • No Volunteer Requirements 
  • Only $149!