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U14 Teams

U14 Teams for 2017/2018 Season

Here are the team rosters for the U14 Division in the 2017/2018 Season

U14A - Head Coach: John Karamanos

  • Amundson, Devyn
  • Anderson, Sydney
  • Carrier, Grace
  • Grona, Serina
  • Kallenberger, Kylie
  • Karamanos, Dimitria
  • Mastel, Delaney
  • Robinson, Kayla
  • Rose, Marley
  • Sinclair, Marin
  • Starner, Preslee
  • Suhai, Andie
  • Tweed, Julia
  • Wallis, Jaida

U14B-1 - Head Coach: Loralee Eastland

  • Christie, Charlie
  • Ford, Brienne
  • Gramlich, Joren
  • Harty, Jena
  • Heidel, Jessica
  • Heinrichs, Rheagyn
  • Hudson, Hailey
  • Mason, Leah
  • Newton, Novalee
  • Sanders, Hailey
  • Siewart, Jaelyn
  • Waldegger, Kylee
  • Wikjord, Trinity

U14B-2 - Head Coach: Rob Reid

  • Balaski, Kate
  • Johnson, Callie
  • Mastel, Karlie
  • Orr, Hailey
  • Reid, Kamryn
  • Reid, Nolah
  • Schlaht, Rowenna
  • Simpson, Alycia
  • Sweet, Ryan
  • Uitvlugt, Alana
  • Unreiner, Ashlyn
  • Unreiner, Natasha
  • Williams, Sidney

Thanks to all our outstanding players, parents, coaches, and other volunteers for your efforts during evaluations! Please expect to be contacted by your coaches in the near future, and watch for practice ice times to be posted in short order.

Good luck!

Guy Lanigan

U14 Division Coordinator

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